A Common Link to Development Mayor Looks to Introduce Linkage Fee Legislation

Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr, is continually looking to add value from commercial partners and hopes to strengthen the ties between, the business, government and residential community.  In the coming weeks the administration will again introduce a Linkage Program for new construction or significant rehabilitation projects in the City.   Boston, Somerville and Medford all utilize a linkage program to share the cost of public facilities with new buildings or construction.

New developers participate in the program, usually in the form of a yearly fee, to help mitigate the impact of new or expanded construction on the city’s streets, parks and recreation facilities.  The linkage program guarantees investment in the city specifically as a means of corporations to give back and participate in the community. Boston has had a program in place since 1983, while Medford began their program in 1989 and Somerville started their program in 2005.

With development potential along the Malden River, Route 16, Route 99 and in Everett Square, the Mayor is hoping to put the city in the best position possible to attract development that enhances the city, brings quality employment and invigorates the local economy.

“The Linkage Program provides additional confidence in new businesses looking to come into Everett, will be invested in Everett for the long term,” states Mayor DeMaria, “we need quality businesses partner who share the same vision and passion in our city as our current business community, who are invested in shaping the future of the city”

The Mayor was also eager to offer some examples noting a new $5.1 million dollar housing project at a flat linkage fee rate of $3 dollars per square foot would bring the City an additional $406,689.00.  These funds, if used for a park or streets and sidewalk projects could help subsidize improvements, maintenance and rehabilitation.

“I don’t want developers that flip properties and have no interest in helping build our community” offers Mayor DeMaria, “ultimately this is about bringing in revenue, so we can decrease our tax rate and improve our community with good jobs and better housing. I look forward to hearing our City Council’s opinion and I know we can work together on this important piece of legislation.”

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