On Shutting off the Water to Enforce Payment Policy

Without water, there cannot be life as we know it on this earth. People can’t live without water.

Paying your water bill is important. It must be paid. The city pays for the water you drink and use in your home and you must pay for that water or eventually, the water will be turned off.

Accounts with balances of $500 or more are going to be cut-off if payment is not made within 15 days.

Basically, we believe it is unfair for homeowners to be held to the same standards as commercial water users in this city.

Some commercial water users paid little to no money for their water over the years and due to faulty meters or no meters at all, some of the city’s largest water users got off scott free.

If a homeowner owes $500 or more for water, they should be allowed to set up a payment agreement instead of having their water shut-off.

Can you imagine the problems that will arise from the water being shut for a 90 year old homeowner who then dies from lack of fluids because they didn’t have the money to pay at that moment?

Or how about a family with a sick child or parent inside the home and on and on.

It is simply too Draconian to impose an absolute pay standard on the city’s water users.

The city should re-think how exactly this system is going to work and should make some concession to this being a difficult time and that not everyone can pay on the day when the bill comes due.

If the city enforces this water bill payment scheme vigorously, many peoples’ homes will be without water and the city will have become a much nastier place.

Demand notices should require some payment but not all the payment for 90-day overdue accounts.

These are hard times. Why compound them with shut off the water efforts?

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