Dolores Hart is Remembered as a Wonderful, Kind Woman

The late Mrs. Dolores Hart is pictured in a family photo with her son, Bill Jr., granddaughter, Danielle, daughter, Kim, granddaughter, Gabrielle, and husband, Bill Sr.

Family and friends are fondly remembering Everett resident Dolores Hart as a wonderful, vibrant woman who brought joy into so many people’s lives through the kindness and respect she extended to others.

Mrs. Hart, beloved wife of more than 56 years to William A. Hart, died on May 5 after a brief illness. She was 79 years old and would have turned 80 on July 3.

Mrs. Hart was the mother of two children, William D. “Billy” Hart, who served on the Everett School Committee and Everett Common Council, and Kim A. Hart. She also leaves two granddaughters Danielle and Gabrielle Hart.

Everett resident Donald Harney, who with his wife, Geri, would often see Dolores and William Hart at various social events, said that Mrs. Hart was always friendly and gracious. The executive director of the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, Harney worked closely with Billy Hart who became the highly respected president of the business organization.

“Billy was very good to his mother and father,” said Harney. “He really watched out for them and took care of them. He was a great son.”

Billy Hart recalled how his parents first met, forming a loving bond that was reinforced every day of their 56 years of marriage.

“My father was a lifeguard at Hampton Beach and my mother’s friends introduced them to each other,” said Billy. “They had known each other in Everett, but not well because he was a little older and they lived in different parts of the city.”

Billy Hart said his mother instilled in her children the importance of education and its lifelong benefits.

“My mother wanted to be sure that my sister and I went on to get a good education,” said Billy.

Billy received his undergraduate degree from Merrimack College and Master’s degree from Suffolk University. He has been a college instructor and holds the esteemed position of executive officer for the 15 community colleges in Massachusetts. Kim holds an Associate’s degree from North Shore Community College.

Mrs. Hart provided a fine example to her children with her loyal participation in church activities, volunteer service at the Whidden Hospital, and charitable work for such organizations as the Everett Emblem Club.

“My mother always believed in giving back,” said Billy. “She always thought that you can’t just exist – you have to do something with yourself and really contribute and be respectful.”

Billy Hart said his parents provided a strong, caring family life and that close-knit atmosphere inspired him and his sister to reach out and help others whenever they could. Bill and Dolores Hart became inseparable during the years of their retirement, bestowing kindnesses upon each other on a daily basis.

“My father retired when he was 62, so he would drive my mother to work and to the hairdresser and food shopping,” said Billy. “They were always on the go, the two of them. And they were always doing things for us, such as helping my sister with the children.”

Mrs. Hart worked for Bond Brothers and Avco Company in Everett and retired as an administrative assistant with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. Billy Hart said his parents’ love for this city never wavered.

“They lived in Everett, worked in Everett, worshipped in Everett, food shopped in Everett – they cared about the community. They were involved in political campaigns over the years, mine of course – because they knew it was about service.”

Colin Kelly, a grammar school classmate and lifelong friend of Billy Hart who became close to the Hart family, said he was honored to be delivering the eulogy at the funeral Mass for Dolores Hart today at Immaculate Conception Church.

“I consider myself part of the Hart family,” proudly related Kelly, government relations manager at Schnitzer Industries of Everett. “Dolores Hart was certainly a woman who was committed to her family as well as her community. She was someone people could look to for advice as they were growing up.”

Kelly said it was Mrs. Hart who introduced him to his wife, Robin.

“I personally always thank her for introducing my wife and me to one another during one of Billy’s campaigns for Council,” said Kelly, who has been married for 22 years and has two children. “I have a beautiful wife because of that introduction.”

Kelly said he always found the Hart home to be warm, loving and hospitable.

“It reminded me of my own house,” said Kelly. “There was a very strong mother and a very good father who took good direction. My mother was taken at a very young age and she and Mrs. Hart were very good friends. They were involved in the Whidden Hospital Guild. So whenever I went to Billy’s house, it felt like I was going to my own house. I always felt welcomed and it was very warm. You could always find an opinion on any topic, just like my own kitchen table.

“I’m very honored to speak on behalf of the family – Billy, his mother and his father were very special friends to my family and me. We all love her and we will miss her dearly.”

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