Residency Requirement Step in Right Direction

Everett city jobs ought to be for Everett residents.

This makes good sense because if you work and live here and send your kids to school here and shop here – well, Everett becomes a better place because of all of that.

If the salaries paid here to employees stay in the city, if families bring up their children here and if hundreds of city employees are all held to the same standard by being made to prove residence before being paid as a city employee, well, the city becomes stronger.

How? By having truly committed people working here and living here at the same time.

This is not about magic or hopes and prayers.

The only caveat is that many people who work for the city already live elsewhere and that many people believe men or women working for the city of Everett don’t need to live here for Everett to be a good and decent place.

It is a good call to make – the residency requirement. But it doesn’t always work neatly.

It takes a lot of commitment and energy to impose a residency requirement.

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