Montelus Selects Notre Dame: EHS Football Standout Accepts Division 1 Scholarship Offer to Play for the Fighting Irish

Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire congratulates Everett High football standout John Montelus on his acceptance of a scholarship offer from the University of Notre Dame. Also pictured Tuesday in the school cafeteria are EHS Principal Louis Baldi and Deputy Superintendent of Schools Charles Obremski.

Everett High football standout John Montelus has given a verbal commitment to attend the University of Notre Dame in 2013.

Montelus, a 6-feet-5-inch, 315-pound All-Scholastic junior lineman, made his decision after traveling by car to the ND campus in South Bend, Indiana this past weekend with Everett line coach Mike Milo.

Montelus attended the annual Blue-Gold spring football game Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium. Several young Fighting Irish fans approached Montelus at the game and asked for his autograph.

“It made me feel good, basically that’s the first time I’ve signed autographs,” said Montelus.

Following the game, Montelus met with head coach Brian Kelly and affirmed his decision to attend Notre Dame. Montelus will receive a Division 1 football scholarship that with tuition and room and board exceeds $210,000.

“It feels great to make the decision and to be able to attend such a great university,” said Montelus. “It’s a nice campus and I really like the coaching staff and the facilities. I’ll get a great education there. I’m happy that my mother [Eldridge] will be able to watch every game on television.”

Montelus is rated as one of the top high school linemen in the country. He was offered scholarships by several colleges including Ohio State, Florida State, Nebraska, USC, West Virginia, and Boston College.

Montelus has been a two-year starter for the Crimson Tide who have won back-to-back Super Bowl championships. This season Montelus excelled at blocking in front of senior quarterback Jonathan DiBiaso, who set the state’s all-time record for touchdown passes.

“It made me feel good to see Jon break those records and to be a part of such a special achievement,” said Montelus.

Montelus thanked his coaches for their guidance and developing his football skills.

“Coach [John] DiBiaso is a great guy who took me out of middle school and made me a great player,” said Montelus. “He told me I should play football.

“Coach [Mike] Milo is the best line coach there is – if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here right now,”  he said.

Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire congratulated Montelus on his scholarship to Notre Dame.

“I’m so proud that John will be attending one of the foremost colleges in the country,” said Foresteire. “I knew from the first day I saw him that he had great potential. What makes him what he is, he’s as much of a gentleman as he is a player. He’s a strong young man and he has great athletic ability. He has a bright future ahead and I look forward to watching him on national television. And when he becomes a pro, I hope he can get me in to see a few games.”

EHS Principal Louis Baldi also offered his congratulations to Montelus.

“I want to congratulate John,” said Baldi. “But this is what we talk about in Everett with our football program, all of our sports programs, and other activities. Give our students the opportunity to do well – they take advantage of it and there are great things that you can get from an education at Everett High School and John Montelus is the personification of that.”

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