The 2012 Football Banquet

The 2011 Everett High School football team celebrated one of  the greatest seasons of all time.

The banquet held April 1 at Anthony’s in Malden was representative of that winning season in nearly every way.

It was a celebration befitting the best high school football program and the winningest in New England.

Anthony’s was packed to capacity with parents, friends, teachers, administrators, school committee members, Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Senator Sal DiDomenico. Also present was Joseph O’Donnell, perhaps one of the strongest supporters of Everett High School football.

O’Donnell’s contributions over the years to EHS football and to everything having to do with this community, has been extraordinary in every way.

Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire was his usual eloquent self at the microphone as he bestowed congratulations to the members of the team and to its coaches and chronicled the accomplishments of the senior football players and the cheerleaders.

Foresteire’s support of all EHS sports teams is unmatched in the annals of sports history in this city.

Also on hand on this day of celebration was the architect of this incredible football program – John DiBiaso.

For DiBiaso it was a day magnified by the fact that his son, Jonathan, was one of the key players and leaders of this phenomenal 13-0 season.

Jonathan was the record setting quarterback who is taking his skills to Phillips Exeter Academy and then on to Dartmouth College.

For the other captains – Vondell Langston, Chris McCarthy, Nick Stanfield and Ralph Jonathan – it was also a day to remember for the rest of their lives for this season truly was special.

To the other seniors who played on this historic team, we offer our congratulations and best wishes in the future.

Everett’s Crimson Tide football team has a 25 game winning streak which it now carries forth into the coming season.

Everett Football is all about pride, a winning tradition, and taking the lessons learned on the field and going out into the world where those lessons are applied.

Congratulations EHS football.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this outstanding football program.

And a special thank you to Joe O’Donnell for always being there when called and for always being generous when asked.

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