Everett Explosion Girls Basketball Team Awarded for Undefeated Season

The Everett Explosion girls basketball team is honored for its undefeated season.

At the Board of Aldermen meeting Monday night at Everett City Hall, the Peter J. McCarren Memorial Chamber was filled with Everett team spirit.

The Everett Explosion girls basketball team celebrated its first undefeated season with a trophy from Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr.

The traveling team is comprised of members Sidney Hennessey, Mekhila Rosa, Kloey Cardillo, Kiana Wilkerson and Melissa Mendez. Standing are Menel Lamadzema, Grace Mullaly, Yasmine Guerrier, Samantha Uga, Molly Snook, Jayna Clarke, Hailey Powers, Hailey Warren, and Lisa Hennessey.

The girls played their home games at the Recreation Center, where the City of Everett is currently trying to replace the rickety bleachers.

City Services Operations Manager Peter Pietrantonio provided the Board of Aldermen with an update to the cost of replacing the bleachers at the Recreation Center. The lowest of three quotes was $7,259.94, a reasonable price for ensuring the safety of Everett’s active youth, according to him.

“We decided to go with the detachable ones,” said Pietrantonio. “You can roll ‘em out and roll ‘em back in. And you can move them anywhere you want,” he added. The total cost includes the six units the city is looking to purchase, and each unit seats 42 people. Some of the money can be recuperated from scrapping metal from the old bleachers and selling it. But the main issue is safety.

“The ones they have there now are very unsafe…For safety reasons and cosmetics, the main priority is definitely the bleachers,” Pietrantonio said.

The issue was referred to the Mayor’s office where the completion date will further be discussed. The projected completion is set for next Fall before sports move indoors again, where hopefully the Everett Explosion girls basketball team can expect to see another victorious season.

The girls weren’t the only ones to gain attention Monday night.

Members of the Everett Auxiliary Police Department as Special Police Officers for the City of Everett were sworn in.

Those appointed included Chief Vincent Caruso, Lt. Alex Corrado, Lt. H. Leonard Jordan, Sgt. Mary E. Boever, Sgt. Michael Giuffre, Sgt. Konstantinos Moskofoglous Sr., Patrolman Edward Forosisky, Patrolman Doreen H. Dugan, Patrolman Konstantinos Moskofoglous Jr., Patrolman Darren E. Sheff, Patrolman John Buckley, and Patrolman Donnamarie Tigos.

The appointments are for an unpaid term of one year expiring on March 29, 2013.

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