Aldermen Against Increasing Local Residential Tax Exemption

At the Board of Aldermen meeting on Monday night, a lengthy discussion arose regarding the tax exemption. Councilors David Rodrigues, Daniel Napolitano and Aldermen Sal Sachetta and Robert Van Campen petitioned that the city of Everett increase the residential tax exemption from 20 percent to 30 percent.

“I don’t like seeing the tax rate go up,” said Alderman Michael Marchese. “You might get something worse than what you wished for,” he added. Ultimately, the petition did not pass.

An order that did pass was the order to appoint Sean Dattoili as a Lieutenant in the Everett Fire Department. Dattoili will work in the Fire Prevention Department, and will be assigned to do general fire prevention as well as assisting in the Mayor’s initiative to battle illegal and unsafe apartments and structures.

One of Dattoili’s duties might be to confront the issue of sober/rehab houses in the area. A resolution was put forth by Alderman Michael Marchese that members discuss who licenses and approves of sober/rehab houses in the city. The City Solicitor was in attendance to help address concerns. Marchese brought up the fact that if background checks are not performed on the individuals living in these rehabilitation homes in close proximity to schools and other residences, it could prove to be very dangerous. But because the homes are considered residential, those in rehabilitation cannot be denied access. A team leader makes sure the residents stay on track with their sobriety, but there is only so much that can be done. The Board of Aldermen agreed to think of a solution that would place stricter parameters around the rehabilitation housing system in Everett.

Earlier in the evening, a special meeting of the Common Council was held as submitted by Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. The meeting was about authorizing a Tax Incentive Financing Agreement, in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 59, Section 5, Clause 51 and Massacusetts General Law Chapter 40, Section 59, between the city of Everett and Cubi Realty LLC at 69 Norman Street, parcels GO-3A-5000010 and GO-3A-50001A, for a period of five years. The exemption will apply to new construction and will total 100 percent in the first four years and 50 percent in the final and fifth year. The order passed.

The next Common Council meeting will be at 7 p.m. on March 19, followed by the Board of Aldermen meeting on March 26. More information about what passed and didn’t can be found at

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