Shocking Allegations

Weekend news reports on radio and television sent out the word about a shocking allegation that a custodian has abused a youngster at the Keverian School.

Two custodians were immediately removed from their positions by Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire lest there should be any question whatsoever about where he stands and where the School Department stands and how they act when such allegations are made.

There is a lot at risk in the outcome about this incident.

The police are right now conducting a thorough and sensitive investigation into allegations made by a youngster that he or she was assaulted, apparently inside a bathroom at the school.

First indications reveal that the youngster alleging the assault is having difficulties identifying who did exactly did what to them.

This we know – a youngster alleging an assault by a custodian has been interviewed by Everett Police. The expectation is that his or her father has also been interviewed and it is likely the custodians as well have been investigated in some fashion by police detectives.

The custodians have been with the School Department almost 5 years. Both have had recent CORI checks and background checks conducted on them when they were hired.

Interviews were also conducted before they were hired.

Obviously, the allegation of sexual assault or child abuse of any kind in the Everett Public Schools is mortifying.

For parents it is terrorizing, justifiably.

There is no way to know what exactly happened other than to interview all the parties and make determinations about guilt or innocence.

Once those interviews are completed by experts trained to conduct them, Jerry Leone’s Middlesex DA’s office will determine whether or not there is probable cause for the case to be continued, for arrest warrants to be sought, or for a grand jury visit to be made to weigh the evidence.

If the DA finds no probable cause, then the matter will be dropped but at great personal cost all around.

Everyone gets traumatized in these incidents. No one gets off free when allegations of sexual assault are leveled against decent people by decent people.

We trust and we hope this incident is being fully investigated and that a decision will be made sooner rather than later to move on with a case or to drop the matter.

Everyone needs to know what’s up as soon as possible.

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