Everett Pop Warner Programs Merge: Eagles, Huskies Will Become Crimson Tide Pop Warner

Pop Warner football and cheerleading in Everett will have a brand new look in the 2012 season as the Everett Huskies and Everett Eagles organizations have merged and will compete under the unified name of Everett Crimson Tide Pop Warner.

Bill Marchant, vice president of the Huskies, said the Eastern Mass. Conference Board of Directors was expected to confirm the merger at a meeting Tuesday night, which would allow the Everett Crimson Tide Pop Warner organization to officially begin operations on March 1.

Brian Dimond, current president of the Eagles, will serve as the first president of the newly minted Crimson Tide Pop Warner organization. Joe LaMonica, current president of the Everett Huskies, will be the vice president. The cheerleading coordinators will be Lisa Dell Isola and Brenda Marchant.

It was Bill Marchant, a former president of the Huskies, who got the football rolling toward an all-Everett merger. Last May Marchant approached LaMonica and asked if the Huskies would consider a merger with the Eagles.

“Joe said he was all for a merger and the next day I went and talked to Brian Dimond and he said that he had been waiting three or four years for someone to approach him,” said Marchant. “We finished the by-laws on Jan. 2 and last Wednesday (Jan. 18), both organizations voted to disband and start a new organization.”

Marchant called the merger “bittersweet.”

“I’m happy it’s done and it has to be done because of the population numbers, but I’m sad to see the Huskies leave – we’re the oldest Pop Warner organization in New England,” said Marchant.

The Everett Huskies were founded in 1955. The Eagles, founded by Peter Mangraviti, began play in the mid-1960s.

The new organization will be a formidable one, with more than 500 boys and girls participating on the football and cheerleading teams. Both the Eagles and Huskes have consistently produced teams that have won league and regional championships and traveled to the National Pop Warner Championships in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

The teams will wear the gold and red colors (San Francisco ‘49ers) of the Everett High Crimson Tide football team. It is not known yet whether the teams will compete in the Greater Boston League or the North Shore Conference.

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