Aldermen Come Through

The unanimous vote of the Board of Aldermen to order the mayor to take $1.5 million free cash and to give it to the School Department because of a serious shortfall of funding was the right thing to do.

We urgently recommend that the City Council vote affirmatively for the measure at next week’s meeting as the added funding is crucial to things remaining solid and moving forward.

We applaud the people of this city, largely the parents of public school children, for showing up at the meeting at city hall Monday to make their presence known – and by making their presence known – making it known just where they stand.

They stand with the kids of this city whose major need is to get a good education and to transit through a solid public school system.

We frankly wonder what Aldermen Sal Sachetta and Mike Marchese were thinking about when they questioned the efficacy and the importance of the School Department request in the face of enormous cuts that would have virtually disabled the schools.

In the end, despite their protestations, they voted affirmatively for the cash transfer proving that they heard the cries of the crowd at city hall and let their better judgment reign over the pettiness of decisions often made without much forethought.

In the end, everyone wins.

The kids in our public schools win. The School Department wins. The city overall wins because Everett is a better place with solid public schools.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria showed his true colors by advocating for the free cash transfer right from the start of this crisis.

Not only did he urge that the transfer be made, he looked high and low  from the governor’s office to the House and the Senate for aid for Everett and what’s better, he is likely to be successful.

Senator Sal DiDomenico was another voice for fully funding the School Department.

Once again, the City Council will approve this measure next week and it will be done.

Nice work well done by everyone who truly cares about public school education in this city.

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