Everett Co-op Donates $25,000 Towards Shute Library Renovation

From left Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Liz Jones, President and CEO, Marjorie White Senior Vice President and Treasurer of Everett Co-Operative Bank, Deborah Abraham, Library Director and Kathleen Rush, V.P., Retail Services, Everett Co-Operative Bank.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr., and Deborah Abraham, Everett Public Library Director are pleased to announce the Everett Cooperative Bank pledged $25,000 to the Capital Campaign for the renovation of the Shute Memorial Library.  The Shute Library has seen a great increase in use ever since the new High School opened only two blocks away. Over 100 years old, it needs renovation to make it handicapped accessible, to repair the aging infrastructure and to utilize 21st Century technology.  Liz Jones, President of the Everett Cooperative expressed her appreciation of the proposed design and the bank’s pleasure to contribute to such an exciting project.

“Not many cities can say that they have two vibrant and active libraries,” states Mayor DeMaria, “this renovation project is important to the neighborhood, the users of the library and the community. On behalf of the entire City Government, we appreciate the generosity of Mrs. Jones and the Everett Co-Operative Bank.  This initial investment will hopefully encourage others to help restore and upgrade one of our city’s finest resources.”

The City has received a provisional grant of $2.23 million from the State towards the renovation, which is projected at a cost of $4 million.   The Building Commission also expects the Shute Library design by Johnson Roberts Associates to earn a green building incentive of $100,000.   The difference of $1.66 million is the local match.

The Shute Library Capital Campaign Committee is working to raise private funds and applying to foundations to make the project feasible.  The Committee, headed by Chairwoman, Stacy DeMaria, is pleased to report additional prior donations of $13,500 from the Phineas and Mary Tobe Fund, family of Margaret Mitton, Schnitzer Steel and the Friends of the Everett Libraries.

shutelibrarycapitalcampaign.org will keep you informed of the progress of the project and fundraising efforts.  It also offers an opportunity to donate with a credit card.    If you are interested in a memorial gift or naming opportunity, please contact Library Director Deborah Abraham at 617-394-2303.

Other ways to support this project is to participate in events sponsored by the Friends of the Everett Libraries, including the Book Sale and the Wine Tasting.   Mrs. Abraham commented “if people donate as they are able, we will make our goal.”


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