Another Super Bowl

The Everett High School Crimson Tide football team has won yet another Super Bowl victory.

This was an impressive season for the Crimson Tide, and an incredible Super Bowl victory for the team, which went undefeated and was frankly untouchable in their league.

Frankly, there is very likely no other football team in the state that could have defeated Everett on any given day.

The season, once again was a team effort, led by legendary EHS football coach John DiBiaso, arguably the best coach in Massachusetts high school football history.

DiBiaso is a high school football coaching prodigy. From season to season almost without exception during his tenure, his teams are always in contention and quite often have been state champions.

His ability to form young men into solid football players and to take all these individuals and to mold them into a winning team is uncanny. It is spectacular, really. He has become, in front of our eyes, the high school incarnation of Patriots football Coach Bill Belichick.

This season had frosting on the cake for Coach DiBiaso.

He coached his son, the gifted quarterback Jonathan DiBiaso.

There is nothing quite like a father coaching his gifted son to a state Super Bowl victory and watching every play unfold.

Jonathan DiBiaso broke the state’s longstanding touchdown record. He is now the state’s most prodigious quarterback in the history of high school football.

At the game’s end Saturday afternoon and with the Super Bowl trophy in hand, Coach DiBiaso and his son were both in tears, overcome with emotion and the moment which was etched in time for both the father and son and for everyone watching inside the packed stadium at Bentley University.

It was, again, a wonderful moment for Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire whose vision and commitment to the high school football program has helped to make it what it is today – the best in the state of Massachusetts.

Congratulations to everyone who played and who took part in this great victory.

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