Get out and Vote

There is much at stake in Everett this year as voters prepare to go to the polls.

Perhaps the single most important question awaiting the final verdict of the voters of this city in the election next Tuesday is whether or not Everett voters choose to continue with a bi-cameral form of government and whether or not the mayor should be elected for four years.

The city charter question on the ballot – whether to change the city charter or to leave it alone – is a really big question as the charter hasn’t really been changed meaningfully here since the late 1890’s.

Everett residents must decide what is right for the future of the city.

They must decide whether having the only bi-cameral city government in the Commonwealth is too cumbersome or whether it is just fine as the city moves forward into the second half of the first decade of the 21st Century.

The issue has been studied for almost two years by the Charter Review Commission – an elected body, so there has been no so-called shooting from the hip and politics has been largely been kept out of the process.

Nearly every household in the city recently received a booklet from the Charter Commission detailing all the changes that will be made if the ballot measure passes.

Tuesday evening next week, we will know the peoples’ final verdict.

Get out and vote – and vote on this question as it is a vital one that is all about the future.

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