Off to a Great Start

Once again, the Crimson Tide football team is off to a tremendous start with two huge wins back to back in a season that has the look and the feel of a championship coming.

The Tide was so commanding in its first two outings that its performance has even amazed the football insiders in this city who were left wondering: “How much better can a team become?”

Quarterback Jonathan DiBiaso is incomparable. The record setting quarterback is very accurate. He may be the very best in Everett High School’s long and glorious football history.

His receivers, Kenny Calaj, Jaylen McRae, Jakarrie Washington, Jalen Felix, and Vondell Langston are all gifted – fast, athletic, capable of doing great things with their hands when the football is nearby.

Many, many people ask: how is it the EHS football team can be so strong and successful from year to year?

There is one answer to this question.

His name is John C. DiBiaso, Jr., the head coach and athletic director.

DiBiaso is approaching sainthood in Everett where his teams have been consistently successful for longer than a decade.

We believe DiBiaso has surpassed the legendary Swampscott High School football coach Stan Bondelevitch as the pre-eminent coach in high school football in Massachusetts.

At this point, DiBiaso is without peer and so too are his football teams.

Last week’s route of a tough Springfield team showed the depth of skill and the tremendous power of this EHS football team.

One of the most prevalent reasons for EHS football supremacy is the support it receives from the School Administration.

Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire’s unshakeable commitment to EHS football is largely responsible for the program’s success for the past decade.

The program is all about pride, hard work and success – an unimaginable success for a medium sized urban school system like Everett.

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