Linkage Fee Sparks Debate At Common Council Meeting

After a heated discussion and in a 7 to 5 vote, The Common Council voted on Monday night to send to the State House a request for legislation allowing the City of Everett to establish a linkage fee revolving fund.

This legislation if approved at the State House and then re-approved by both the Common Council and Board of Aldermen would allow the city to assess an additional fee on businesses that are either doing a major renovation to their existing structures or constructing a new building.

“This is not very inviting for businesses to come to our City,” said Councilwoman Lorrie Bruno.

However, Councilor Daniel Napolitano reminded his colleagues, “We are not establishing a linkage fee tonight.  We are just setting up a possible account if we go this way.”

Melissa Murphy of Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s Office reaffirmed to the Councilors that the language and fee charges when they voted on it again would be entirely determined by them.

Following the meeting, DeMaria issued the following statement, “

“I appreciate the City Council’s effort to further deliberate on the linkage fee.  I still believe this is an opportunity to develop solid relationships with our business community, ensuring that any new business who comes into Everett is committed to and shares our vision for Everett’s future.  Our business community is important to the well being of our residents, either through jobs or community service.  This is just another tool to help us build a stronger city.”See item 11.

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