Thank You Mr.smith

Stephen ‘Stat’ Smith has done the right thing by choosing to devote all his time on the state representative position that he holds instead of running again for a position on the Everett School Committee.

We applaud his action in doing so. It is indeed a victory for the people. We believe it is a wise decision for Smith.

Smith will find more time to do Everett’s business on Beacon Hill and this is what matters in today’s upside down world.

Everett’s taxpayers, homeowners and residents deserve a fulltime representative.

Smith loses no power coming off the school committee. Indeed, he gains in power by paying closer attention to his position in the House.

While a member of the school committee, Smith was a vote of one on a committee that more often than not, failed to see things his way.

Hopefully by putting to use what he knows about the needs of Everett’s public schools and by working with the school committee and his colleagues in the House, he will bring more money and prominence to the needs of one of the best public school systems in a post industrial city in Massachusetts.

Thank you, Mr. Smith.

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