Everett Little League Honors Vitukevich: ELL President Receives Lifetime Dedication Award

Michael Vitukevich, right, president of Everett Little League, was the recipient of the Lifetime Dedication Award at the league’s awards banquet Sunday at Malden Moose Hall. Making the presentation was Joe Massa, vice president of the youth baseball organization.

His initials are “MV” but to Everett Little League officials, coaches, and players you can certainly add the ‘P’ because if ever there were an MVP (Most Valuable President), in this city’s youth baseball history, it’s Michael Vitukevich.

The league honored Vitukevich, ELL president for the past eight years, with its Lifetime Dedication Award at the awards banquet Sunday at Malden Moose Hall. The people in attendance paid tribute to Vitukevich’s service with a warm standing ovation.

Joe Massa, league vice president, had the honor of making the presentation and he rose to the occasion with a beautiful speech lauding Vitukevich’s voluntary and unheralded contributions to the organization.

“For the past eight years, he’s led the league as a figurehead but not only as a figurehead – anyone who comes down the park to watch their children play knows the one person who does the absolutely most work, it’s our president,” Massa told the crowd.

Massa noted that Vitukevich can be seen at Sacramone Park keeping the fields clean, putting up the fences, or maintaining the hut [concession stand]. “Whatever Mike needs to do, he does.”

Everett Little League has become one of the most respected organizations in the area under Vitukevich’s leadership.   “I can tell you being at some of the Distrcit 12 meetings that Everett Little League is viewed and looked upon as the class of the district,” said Massa.

Massa then read the inscription on the plaque: “In recognition of your many years of unwavering leadership and devotion to our organization, Everett Little League 2011.”

Vitukevich was humbled by the award and accepted it with grace.

“I couldn’t do it without the people that have been with me the last eleven years,” said Vitukevich. “One of the reasons I do this is because of all the friends I’ve made helping the children of Everett and the city of Everett. I just want this program to keep growing and flourishing the way it has the last eight years.”

Afterwards Vitukevich was asked what his thoughts were upon receiving such a distinguished award from the league.

“It was a great award to get from my peers and my friends,” said Vitukevich. “I do this as a volunteer and I’ve just made so many friends through the years. I don’t think I deserve it but I really appreciate it. I do this for the city and the kids of the city.”

Vitukevich, who is also a vice president and coach in the Everett Eagles Pop Warner organization, said there were 355 players that participated in Everett Little League this season. He will return as president next season.

Vitukevich’s wife, Jeannie, has been the concession stand coordinator for the past six years. Their son, Michael Jr., is a graduate of the league and a player in the Everett High baseball program.

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