The Mayor’s Race

Presently, it is Mayor Carlo DeMaria versus mayoral hopeful Peter Napolitano in what is easily the most important race for elective office in this city.

By every standard of measure, this is a David versus Goliath affair, with Napolitano facing an uphill battle of significant proportion.

DeMaria is the clear bet to gain another term.

Napolitano is the clear underdog by a wide margin.

Despite that reality, both men are campaigning with seriousness.

For his part, the mayor is leaving no stone unturned.

He is campaigning vigorously. Like the real time politician and leader he has become, DeMaria considers Napolitano a threat and goes about his re-election effort with that in mind.

For his part, Napolitano is fighting the good fight.

He doesn’t have the financial resources of the mayor and his doesn’t have the handson people organization. And this fact puts him at a serious disadvantage.

The other, more formidable disadvantage facing Napolitano is that the mayor has done a good job of leading this city during a very difficult economic period and more than this, DeMaria remains quite popular, and polling will reveal this as well.

Nevertheless, the mayor’s race remains just that, a race.

Voters are urged to weigh and measure what the candidates have to say and to form their opinions reasonably on that basis.

When November rolls around, they should cast their vote for whomever they believe can best lead this city.

We know this is what will happen in Everett where voters are discriminating and can recognize good leadership and a track record.

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