Thank You Distrigas

Last week, the city received a $25,000 check from Distrigas – which, by the way, is the city’s largest taxpayer.

The check was given to the city to support Mayor Carlo DiMaria’s effort to employ as many Everett kids as possible during the summer.

In fact, the mayor included $50,000 in the 2012 budget to help employ teens over the summer so the total number is now $75,000.

Last year, it was Exxon that stepped up to the plate for the city’s teenagers.

In fact, Exxon, for the past 2 years, wrote a check for the entire program and provided 40 jobs by doing so.

The Distrigas donation is especially important because it takes approximately $1800 per teenager for a job to be given.

With the budget line item in place and with the Distrigas donation, the possibility exists for the mayor give out as many as 40 jobs this summer to kids who really need them.

Distrigas is to be thanked and congratulated for making this crucial donation during the down economic times we are now experiencing.

Exxon is to be thanked and congratulated for what it did for the past 2 years.

We urge the city’s major corporations to seriously consider making a donation to the Summer Jobs Fund which the mayor oversees.

For Everett’s teenagers, many of them on their way to college in the fall, a summer job is an ideal way to save up money for books and other expenses associated with college.

The Everett Summer Jobs Program is all about good.

If the mayor had $400,000, that still wouldn’t be enough to employ all the teenagers begging to work.

Again, give liberally if you can. This is a good cause.

And again, thank you to Distrigas for your generosity.

It is deeply appreciated.

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