Mayor to Deliver Budget Proposal to City Council

-Special to the Independent

Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. will deliver his fiscal year 2012 budget proposal to a Joint Convention of the City Council next Monday night.  This will mark the Mayor’s third budget since taking office in 2008 and he hopes to continue his conservative yet progressive spending plans for the City.  While the Mayor is eager to offer his suggestions, the Board of Aldermen and City Council need time to examine and debate the budget.

“We have a fantastic process here in the City,” states Mayor DeMaria, “I think we’re presenting a financially sound budget for the City, respectfully, the City Council should have the first opportunity to examine our budget proposal before we make specific public comments.”

The Mayor did suggest the installation of the Enterprise Fund for the water and sewer system provides relief to this year’s budget, which helps offset increases in fixed costs.  The Mayor also suggests his belief in a Capital Improvement item, noting the success of this year’s improvements, including new crosswalks in Everett Square, purchasing new fire hydrants, fixing the water main on Alford Street, and restoring many streets in the city.

“We need to continue to re-invest back into the city,” says Mayor DeMaria, “our proposal continues this investment of taxpayer money into services and amenities that taxpayers need.  Fixing streets, revitalizing the city and repairing infrastructure improve the quality of life here in our city, and not just for today, for many years to come.”

The Mayor is very pleased with the performance of many departments, who to provide quality services despite a mid year budget reduction.  In January, the Mayor issued a mandatory five percent cut from every department, excluding schools.

“Each of our departments are spending only on what they need,” states the Mayor, “we’ve left very little wiggle room for any additional spending, and any new spending must have enormous benefit to the taxpayers. This budget proposal continues that conservative perspective, keeping in mind the national and state economic condition.”

Once the budget is proposed to the Joint Convention, the City Council will set a schedule for deliberations.  The fiscal year 2012 budget must meet approval by both the Board of Aldermen, and the City Council before June 30, in order to take effect on July 1.

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