A Day to Remember

For most Everett residents who tend to think about their lives, Sunday wasn’t just another day.

It sure enough began like just another day.

It was a bit cool in the morning but very sunny with a prevailing sea breeze for much of the afternoon.

Many people came outside to work on their gardens or to cut their grass or to sit under the sun growing stronger everyday.

Two Everett residents killed by the hand of Osama bin Laden on 9/11 – James and Mary Trentini – didn’t have the chance to enjoy last Sunday.

Their four children will never have the pleasure of their parents’ company again.

They’ve been gone for almost 10 years – the amount of time bin Laden has been hunted by the United States.

Sunday evening, most Everett residents sat down in front of their flat screen televisions and watched their favorite shows or a movie or went out for a ride, for dinner, for a snack or whatever they wanted to do to finish off what had been a beautiful spring weekend.

And then came the President’s extraordinary speech to the nation and the announcement –  bin Laden was dead.

Justice was finally done for the Trentinis and for the near 3,000 murdered that day that changed this nation and the world.

Bin Laden’s death was a long time coming.

The heroism of the Navy Seals who raided his compound in Pakistan goes way beyond the call of duty.

The President’s willingness to take the chance and pull the trigger on the raid is another instance of the right thing finally being done.

When you live by the sword you die by the sword.

Bin Laden, the murderer terrorist who killed so many innocents, will kill no more.

We move forward now, a nation united once again by a firm belief in ourselves and in our ability to do whatever it is we put our resources to – and we remain, as the president said so eloquently, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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