DeMaria will Seek Another Term – The Mayor has Officially Announced his Re-election Campaign

Independent Staff

Mayor Carlo DeMaria  is announcing a bid for a third mayoral term.

In this week’s edition of the Independent, the mayor indicates that he will be pulling papers with his campaign staff and supporters throughout the city gathering signatures.

“I am proud to seek a third term as mayor,” he told the Independent earlier this week.

“My ambition is to make this city as good a place as it can be for the good of everyone living and working here,” he added.

The mayor also indicated he was going to attempt to improve the business environment and to make development and redevelopment important themes of his next administration.

He said he wanted to achieve a third term in order to finish the good work he began when first elected in 2007.

The following is the mayor’s official statement:

Dear Residents,

I would like to take this moment to officially announce my re-election campaign for Mayor of this great City.

I am thankful to you, our residents, homeowners and businesses for the confidence to lead our beloved Everett.  I believe I have the greatest personal benefits, a strong, healthy community and a family that I can draw both inspiration and determination to make this city stronger.  As I’ve often said, if it weren’t for my wife Stacy and my three children Carlo, Caroline and Alexandra I would not be in this position today.

We are fortunate to have leaders in this city who all believe that the people of Everett deserve the best.  It’s an honor for me to work with your representatives on the Common Council and Board of Aldermen.  Together we’re setting in motion new ideas, new concepts to drive Everett toward a better future.  All the while, we still keep one common goal in mind: keep Everett clean and safe, work to bring in positive revenue and job creating development and ensure that all residents can enjoy this city to the fullest.

What is ahead for Everett and for my administration is a vision focusing on both fundamentals and a look toward the future.  We’re building a foundation that will encourage greater development along the parkway, job creation along the Malden River and a revitalization of our two most popular squares.   I’m working with both national and state leaders, working to bring additional transit service to Everett, to reignite manufacturing or research opportunities along the Parkway and develop strategies that will keep these companies here for the long term.  At the heart of this economic recovery is the need to create jobs. With the partnerships we’re creating in both State and National levels, Everett will be in the forefront.

While I enjoy planning for the future, there are present needs we continue to address.  Our newly formed Inspectional Services Department and our Housing Task force are staying ahead of illegal rooming houses, illegal dumping and keeping homeowners and businesses in compliance.  Our Health Department continues to obtain grants, helping Energize Everett and fight obesity and substance abuse issues in our community.  Our City Services division is maintaining, repairing and overhauling streets and sidewalks, repairing and restoring water and sewer lines and keeping our city’s parks, islands and recreation areas clean, safe and enjoyable.

What’s even more exciting is that we’re going to start Phase Two of our Stadium Project, revitalizing the original entrance and building a World War II Roll Call Board.  We’re reconstructing Route 99, Lower Broadway, Everett’s Gateway, will start to transform, with ornamental lighting and fully working bike paths and newer traffic lights along our most densely driven road.

These first two terms have been an enormous and exciting challenge. As our nation and our State begin to recover economically, Everett needs to continue to set the benchmark, continue to move forward.  As we look to better economic times, we need a team in City Hall that is preparing for success, now and in the future.

Everett is a proud city, and I’m proud to serve as your Mayor.  With your vote of confidence, as your Mayor, I will continue to serve with the determination to maintain a strong fiscal foundation, an optimistic outlook and a dedication to preserving the traditions we hold dear.

I again ask for your vote of support and confidence as I seek re-election.

Very Truly yours,

Carlo DeMaria Jr.

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