Mayor’s Trip to D.C. was Productive

As for Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s trip, it is good for the mayor of Everett to travel to Washington D.C.

In his case, he was trying to sell congressmen and anyone who would listen on the city’s money needs and its infrastructure needs.

He was making the good effort for Block Grant money (which the Republicans are trying to eliminate) and for transportation issues and for government aid for major development near to Air Force Road.

The visit to Washington is useful for our mayor because he needs to get out of here from time to time to directly solicit the interest of our congressman and our US Senators – and it was hardly a coincidence that he was welcomed by Senators Kerry and Brown while he was there.

Now he’s back in Everett and it was back to work – to Charter Review, to the budget, to the future, to the changing city he is leading.




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