Parlin School Students Visit MIT

Some of the Parlin students who toured MIT recently are (left side, from back to front) Woodnephtalie Joseph and Ever Troches. (Right side, from back to front) Ana Salvador, Dina Barua, Marissa Cora and Telia Stevens.

Parlin School sixth graders enjoyed an exciting day of learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology earlier this month, courtesy of Science from Scientists, a Boston-based non-profit that strives to improve science and technology awareness in fourth through eighth graders.

During their field trip, the Parlin students toured MIT, experiencing a vivid snapshot of life on a college campus. Then the students attended a workshop where they experimented with up-to-date technology and learned to program their own robot to perform specific tasks. All of the students found the field trip to be extremely educational and fun, and several left wishing and hoping to one day attend MIT themselves.

Science from Scientists facilitators have established a working rapport with the classroom teachers and come into the classes to support and strengthen instruction already begun.  Some timely topics include amphibians and other animals, dissection, and the solar system have been hits with the children.

Science from Scientists with the hands-on learning sequences has made learning fun and meaningful.

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