Work to Start on Repaving Streets

The Aldermen were told at Monday night’s meeting at City Hall  that residents on Evelyn Road, Reynolds Ave. and County Road will be receiving new sidewalks, trees and repaved streets starting in April.  City Engineer Julius Ofurie said that the bids were opened last week and that residents will be notified of the exact start time.

“The water pipes seem fine,” he said “but the gas pipes we are checking.”

Malden Street will also be repaved but the length of this street makes it very costly to do the complete re-construction like the three other streets.  He also said that he is working with the City of Chelsea as parts of these streets go into Chelsea.

Appointments approved

The Aldermen confirmed several new members to the Everett Auxiliary Police Department with little debate.

The appointment of Evelyn Chase to the Everett Housing Authority Board was also confirmed.  “I fully support this appointment,” Alderman Michael Mangan said adding, “ that she is a longstanding resident and an advocate for senior citizens.”

1 comment for “Work to Start on Repaving Streets

  1. Bj1075
    March 17, 2011 at 1:46 am

    I applaud the city for keeping abreast of the needs of it’s city. That being said, I wonder as to why we keep using the same concern for the repairs? I understand that the bidding process has a lot to do with the selection, but remember, you get what you pay for. Poor people can’t afford to buy cheap.
    A very good example would be the Bennett Street.
    They layed pipe there over a year ago, the hump they left has now become something short of a sink hole. How is it surrounding towns and states do the job once and it keeps? Thanks for the interest.
    W. Johnston

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