School Enrollment Pushing Higher by the Month

Everett’s public school enrollment is increasing by leaps and bounds nearly every month, and has done so consistently since 2006.

Almost 300 students annually have been added to the school roll here since 2006.

School enrollment through 2011 is expected to total 6262, according to school department officials.

Out of that total, 1005 public school students are Special Education recipients.

In addition, 4266 out of Everett’s more than 6200 enrollment are from low-income families.

Approximately 500 immigrants are attending Everett’s schools at the present time.

An amazing total of 2,791 public school students do not have English as their first language.

All of these statistics were compiled by the Everett School Department., which were released to the Independent Tuesday morning.

There are 120 out of district special education students. These students cause the city to incur extremely costly busing arrangements as they must be transported from their homes to school here and then back to their homes.

Some live as a far away as Framingham.

According to School Department statistics, the larger enrollment is not causing teacher hiring to keep pace.

Total educational staffing personnel numbers 677 this year.

Although enrollment has upped itself by more than 20% during the past five years, additional teachers and staff hired by the School Department have amounted to less than a 10%  rise in the number of teachers, coaches, librarians and guidance councilors.

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