Campaign Finance Reports Are Filed – Demaria’s War Chest Pegged at $96,125

With less than a year until the City Election, local political rumors might have increased in Everett, but money is still in short order.

Most prominent political figures in the City are sitting on little to no money coming into the election season with one big exception – current Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

Campaign finance reports for the year 2010 have recently rolled into the City Clerk’s office and they have been an early indication of just how this year’s election might unfold.

DeMaria is sitting on a chunk of change that is just south of $100,000.

The mayor’s reports indicated he had $96,125 in his account, and that is after having spent $43,262 during last year. DeMaria also showed his money gathering muscle by collecting more than $90,000 last year, mostly coming from his October fund-raiser.

His expenses came primarily for food at two fund-raisers held last year, with smaller expenditures coming for printing, postage and Internet web design.

The next closest candidate in the money box is Steve ‘Stat’ Smith – the state representative and School Committeeman.

Smith logged $27,297, but he raised and spent quite a bit over the year – causing his account to go up as high as $53,896 and as low as $25,256.

Speaking of candidates that took a wild ride over the past year, State Sen. Sal DiDomenico (D-Everett) went through several elections and a lot of money.

DiDomenico has only $33 in his account right now, but he raised and spent nearly $200,000 over the past year when he won election two times.

For city politicians, Aldermam Robert Van Campen leads the pack behind DeMaria, with $5,673 in his coffers. Van Campen had nearly $10,000, but re-paid a $3,000 personal loan during the year.

Alderman Joe McGonagle – long rumored to be a possible mayoral challenger again one day – sits with $2,341 in his account at the moment. McGonagle spent nearly $6,000 during the year, mostly on food and printing. Before those expenditures, he raised $8,180 in 2010 after starting off the year with a mere $90.

Alderman Michael Marchese had very little activity during the year. He raised no money and spent only $200. He has only $249 in his account at the moment.

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