City Approves Purchase of Air Force Road

With very little debate, both the Common Council and the Board of Aldermen voted unanimously on Monday night to approve an acquisition for a permanent easement on Air Force Road at a price tag of $666,000. The vote capped a two-year acquisition  process for the this easement, which could ultimately become a major generator of tax dollars for the city.

The good news for the taxpayers of Everett is that this will cost them nothing as the monies to purchase the easement from FTN Corporation and D&E Realty Co. is funded with a federal Section 108 grant and will be re-paid with money being generated by the new tax revenues from projects in the area like Berkeley Development.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria appeared before members of the Council and Aldermen to answer questions about the purchase.  However, members of both Chambers had only minor questions for DeMaria.

Councilor Adam Ragucci wanted to reaffirm that all monies for this purchase as well as the monies to re-do the roadway were from grants and not coming out of the city budget.

In October of 2010, Lt. Governor Timothy Murray announced that the City was awarded a state grant for more than $2 million to repave and make upgrades to the roadway.

The roadway leads to the former 40 acre General Electric site that Berkeley Development is looking to develop up to five office buildings. Another possible site to be developed on the road is at 69 Norman Street. The road dead-ends at the new Seven-Acre Park behind the Madeline English School.

The project to re-do the road will go out to bid in the next two months with a projected completion this summer.

“When potential developers see the area, they are turned off by the roadway.  Tonight’s action will enable us to get new developments going,” DeMaria said. “All the new taxes that are generated from these projects will go solely to the City of Everett,” he added.

DeMaria was referring to the fact this area was not part of the River’s Edge Project where all new tax monies would be split between Everett, Malden and Medford.

“We are extremely excited about the new tax producing possibilities that this easement and re-construction of Air Force Road will make possible,” Community Development Director Marzie Galazka said.  (See Item 1)

Licenses going down

In an effort to continue the effort to reduce the number of Second Class Motor Vehicle Licenses, the Board of Aldermen with little debate approved to reduce the maximum number of available licenses to 40.  On the books, the Board of Aldermen could have issued up to 50 licenses. The licenses would allow the operator to sell any used vehicle.

The Aldermen had tackled the same issue about four years ago when they brought the number from 60 and pegged the new number at 50 in the hope to reduce it further at a later time.  Currently, there are 39 licenses on the record as being issued in the City.  (See Item 7)

Regular meeting of the Board of Aldermen, Monday, January 10, 2011,

Communications From His Honor The Mayor

1. A0009-11 Order/s/Councilor Sergio Cornelio and Alderman Michael K. Marchese, as Respective Presidents-To grant the acquisition of a permanent easement of land known as Air Force Road by purchase or taking.

Passed in concurrence, reconsideration failed.

Petitions And Licenses

2. A0004-11

Petition for Redemption Center License from Dan’s Redemption Center at 107 Hancock Street.


3. A0005-11

Petition for a Fortune Teller License from Debbie Green Psychic Readings (for palm and card readings), at 1936 Revere Beach Parkway.


4. A0006-11

Petition for 2nd Class Motor Dealer License from Luigi Acierno D/B/A European Motors at 511 Second Street.


5. A0007-11

Petition for 2nd Class Motor Dealer License from James L. Massone D/B/A Malden Auto at 87 Broadway.


6. A0008-11

Petition for 2nd Class Motor Dealer License from Pro Car Auto Sales, Inc. at 152-154 Ferry Street.


New Business

7. A0010-11 Order/s/Michael K. Marchese, as President

An Order limiting the number of 2nd Class Motor Vehicles to 40.

Rules suspended, order passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:16PM

Respectfully submitted: C. McCorry, Everett City Council Office

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