Meeting the challenge

Unbeknownst to most Everett residents, the Everett Police Department’s “Swat Team” or “Special Unit” is a small, well trained, swift response, special operations unit capable of responding to acts of terrorism, hostage taking situations or events that have the capacity to go out of control.

Training for this team is ongoing. The team itself is comprised of some of the most highly trained members of the police force, and some who have previous service in the Armed Forces. Most of these officers are also trained medics capable of providing emergency care.

Tactical training and planned for response protocols in a city like Everett is an absolute necessity at this point.

With so much fuel stored here in freestanding depots, and with so much cargo transported here from overseas being off-loaded on the Everett shore-line, such a force that is on-call 24/7 provides the city with an insurance policy against disaster and attack.

Tactical units such as Everett’s speak well of the police department’s leadership.

Being well protected as a community just doesn’t happen.

It takes an extra push – and the Everett Police Department has that power and foresight.

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