Everett Eagles Roundup – Playoff coverage

The Everett Eagles B team continued its season long steamroller ride this past Sunday at Malden Catholic by annihilating the Worcester Vikings 38-6. After a scoreless first quarter in which the boys came out sluggish, they hit their stride with a 22 point second quarter. Lazare Joseph galloped in from 22 and 88 yards out to combine with a 1 yard dart by Lucas Denis to combine with 2 of Omar Herrera’s 4 conversion kicks on the day for the 22-0 halftime margin. Lazare bulled in from 11 yards out in the 3rd quarter before Denis put the electric in "electric"-fying with a 100 yard kickoff return on the last play of the game, after the Vikings had scored on a desperation heave with less than one minute to play. As stated earlier after the team settled down after a case of the jitters they laid the lumber on the previously undefeated team from Worcester. Defensively the boys stiffened after early lapses and took the Vikings and their play calling to the woodshed. Solid play from Alexis, Barbick, Denis, Hampton, Herrera, Lazare, MacDonald, Marins, Sherif, Trickett, Zumpano, Tompson and Ramos kept Worcester at bay for 39 minutes and by then it was much too late for the Vikings when they did finally break through. Complimenting the defense, the offense consisting of Barbick, Lucas, Donahue, Hampton, Herrera, Lazare, MacDonald, Marins, Moore, Ramos, Schaefer, Sherif, Suppa, Tavares, Trickett and E.J. "Nails" White consistently opened huge holes for the runners who filled them. This team of destiny now has a spotless 12-0 record while outscoring their opponents by a staggering 382-50 margin and now stand only one win away from advancing to the National Championships in Florida. That game is next Sunday at Foley Field in Worcester against King Philip. This team is a true reflection of the dedication of the coaches from Head Coach Chuck Leo on down. Coaches Cotto, Cafarella (Frank and Matt), Romboli, Dell Isola, Rod and Kidd (Cataldo and Kevin) along with Team Mom Ann Marie Kidd Have all done their part with Coach Leo to turn this into a fine tuned football team with unlimited possibilities. The dedication of the parents who show up day in and day out to support the team, as well as the tremendous job our cheerleaders and their coaches do, embodies the spirit of Everett Eagles football. That is that each person, no matter how small a role they play, has a hand in the teams success. It is clear that this team has all of those components working towards the athletic success the Eagles are accustomed to.

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