DiDomenico biggest winner of entire state senate slate

Our state senator Sal DiDomenico had the highest percentage victory of anyone running for the state senate in balloting last Tuesday.

DiDomenico received 78% of the total vote cast in the Middlesex/Suffolk, Essex district, which he represents.

His total vote showed him receiving over 29,268 votes as compared with Barbara Bush, his Republican opponent, who received about 8,474 votes.

What does this say?

“It was a resounding victory on election day that shows my message resonated throughout the entire district and I am very happy with the results and I am looking forward to serving the residents of my district as their state senator for the next two years,” said DiDomenico.

He said the Democratic sweep in Massachusetts shows that voters here have different preferences than in other parts of the nation where the Republicans swept.

“Even though there are tough economic times the voters have spoken and shown that although there is much more to be done to right the economy that we are on track to move forward,” he added.

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