Was division change for Crimson Tide necessary?

The Crimson Tide football team is having one of its most outstanding seasons in its recent history – which has been marked by a succession of outstanding years for the past decade.

Although some officials in state sports circles will deny it, the recent decision to have Everett play as a Division 1A team in playoffs instead of playing Division 1 teams is strictly related to Everett’s incredible success.

For the most part, it is nearly impossible to beat Everett in the playoffs – something many teams have discovered over the years.

Rather than allow Everett to continue its dominance in the Division 1 playoffs and state championships – which is equal to a boxer winning the heavyweight title – Everett has been sent down a notch and will be playing in the lesser Division 1A for that title.

The move is stupid and uncalled for and virtually everyone with an ounce of common sense in local sporting circles understands this.

It is a bit like taking the New York Yankees out of world series play and sending it down to compete in the minor league playoffs.

About the only result of this division change for the Crimson Tide is to make Division 1A teams a virtual hostage to the year-to-year outstanding play of the Crimson Tide.

If the change of divisional play was intended to even the score in the divisions among the various competitors, we can’t for the life of us understand how placing Everett in Division 1A achieves that intention.

In the end, Everett will likely be the champion more often than not in whatever division it competes in.

That’s the bottom line.

Dropping Everett to 1A because an unhappy coach demanded it was indeed stupid and uncalled for and all the reasoning otherwise is so much bologna.

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