Board of Aldermen approve funds to Everett police lieutenant

A 1947 law giving city workers who are also members of the National Guard and are called up for service their entire city wages maybe reviewed. The Board of Aldermen approved a $104,851. transfer at their meeting on October 25 for a police lieutenant who qualified under this law. City Solicitor Colleen Mejia told the Aldermen that they have to pay the money. She also noted that not every city and town in Massachusetts had adopted this provision and that the Aldermen could rescind the law.

National Grid Delay

Aldermen were upset that local homeowners had been waiting for the National Grid employees to show up and change their gas meters for up to six hours and then receiving a call notifying them that these employees would not be showing up.

Victor Santana who will be handling the City of Everett for national Grid told the Aldermen the a new procedure is in place that should eliminate the problem. He noted that if a gas emergency occurs then the employees must respond immediately, thus causing them to miss their scheduled appointments. The new procedure that National Grid is in the process of implementing would have a team standing by to respond to these emergencies thus allowing the scheduled appointments to take place.

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