Fire hazard – Common Council hears of 35 hydrants not working

The Common Council proved that we are still in the dog days of August when they met on Monday night in the first formal session since June and wrapped up their business in under 35 minutes.

With little debate, the Councilors heard from both the Water Commissioner Glen Doherty and Fire Chief David Butler about the condition of fire hydrants in Everett. More than 35 hydrants out of 720 citywide are not working.

The Councilors were given this information by Butler stressing that staff from both the fire and water departments had tested every hydrant in the city in the last several weeks. This was the first test of all hydrants according to Butler in 32 years.

“This was long overdue,” Councilor Lorrie Bruno said, “we should do yearly checks.”

The remaining 35 non-working hydrants will have caution tape around them and city officials will be sending the work to repair or replace the hydrants out to be bid by September 16.

A little dog park

Well maybe not so little.

Councilor Jason Marcus had the wording in the motion changed seeking to have a dog park built in Everett and not be little.

Councilor Catherine Hicks was concerned about dog owners from outside of Everett using the proposed facility. “I am not against dogs,” she said.

City Solicitor Jill Barringer said that there would be no legal way to stop residents from other communities from using the dog park.

There was no specific park location mentioned in the resolution.

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