The leadership issue that won’t go away

Representative Stat Smith is a very, very busy man.

He is a representative.

He is a school committeeman.

He is a busy businessman.

Being all of the above all the time is an impossibility, obviously.

We have urged Smith to leave the school committee because in our opinion he simply doesn’t have the time.

We understand this. He should understand this but he doesn’t.

His predecessor the late Ed Connolly knew how to bring the bacon home.

Smith seems to be more adept at getting liquor licenses for himself and his family than he is at having legislation carry his signature and imprint.

It is high time that Smith leave the school committee.

By serving alcohol in one of his properties close to public schools, his actions show that his heart and soul aren’t in the Everett public school student’s best interest – but rather – his own.

For Smith to request something so many neighbors were steadfastly against puts him in a political bind but it is also a moral bind.

Smith needs to stand for the very best.

It must be him who displays for all to see the gold standard – a form of honest transparency about who he is and what he does that tells Everett residents that he has their best interest at heart.

This, after all, is his job.

But a man so busy with other jobs can lose his way.

To a large degree, Smith needs to look at himself in the mirror and to ask: am I helping the residents of Everett as much as I’m helping myself?

We don’t think so.

All we are asking for a is a fulltime representative on Beacon Hill – not a part-time rep, a part time school committeeman and a businessman.

The liquor license advocated for by Smith in his Youth Hostel says more about him than anything else.

He is, indeed, transparent.

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