Everett Police recover drugs and guns in warrant search

The Everett Police Special Criminal Investigation Unit along with the ATF State Police, Somerville Police and Middlesex Sheriff’s Department executed a search warrant at 32 Parker St. in the early morning of July 19. This was the result of information developed over several months of investigation for possibly drug dealing at that location.

Entry was gained with the assistance of both the Everett and Revere Police Special Operations Unit. During the entry the suspect attempted to flee to the rear of his apartment where he was stopped. A State Police drug dog was summoned to the

scene to assist with the search. Detectives recovered both cocaine and marijuana in addition to $1,800 dollars in cash. During the search for drugs detectives also found twelve illegal firearms and over 700 rounds of ammunition in the apartment.

The suspect identified as Rildo Peria Andrade, 35, of Everett was placed under arrest and transported to the Everett Police station. He was booked for both drug and weapon charges and arraigned in Malden District Court. Rildo Peria Andrade was found to be in possession of numerous forms of identification with several different names. In addition to his criminal charges he also faces possible deportation.

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