Heat wave hits region; Everett prepared

Monday and Tuesday’s oppressive heat was apparently handled well by residents throughout the city.

The Board of Health reported no calls throughout much of Tuesday for aid as a result of the heat wave.

The mayor’s office sent out an advisory Tuesday afternoon to the city’s elderly residents and to all those with breathing related illness to remain inside air conditioned quarters as much as possible and to remain hydrated.

Weather forecasters were predicting Wednesday as another scorcher with virtually no relief in sight until Thursday, when cooler air is supposed to flow into the region.

Everett’s public pool has been packed throughout the long holiday weekend and into the week as the heat sent hundreds of youngsters and their parents to the complex on Elm Street.

Everett police have reported no major incidences as a result of the heat.

The Everett Fire Department showed no reports of a major fire throughout the long weekend – although the fire department reported a spate of emergency responses to homes for individuals that were likely heat related.

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