Mayor taking action on water losses

The city can generate an additional $200,000 a year if the commercial water meters are replaced.

A report by an outside agency which explored the city’s troubled metering system for commercial outlets has determined that great savings can be accomplished if the city takes immediate action.

“We are going to move forward with these recommendations as fast as possible,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria, who urged the study to be made.

A testing of 88 of the city’s largest water meters revealed that old meters measuring water usage inadequately are causing the city to lose major income when readings are made.

The report recommends automated readings that are electronically reported and indexed.

In addition, all the commercial meters should be replaced with appropriately sized meters capable of detecting every level of water use but most importantly, capable of capturing peak water use.

The report indicated the city presently loses 35% of purchased water that is unaccounted for and this results in major revenue losses.

The new commercial meters cost can be recuperated by the estimated first year savings after they are installed.

The Administration is now adding up the costs of what must be done to succeed in putting in place efficiencies that will generate more water revenue then is now being lost.

Replacement of residential water meters is also being considered. The estimated cost for the replacement of all water meters is estimated to be $2.5M.

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