Eight suspicious fires set in 20 minutes Saturday night

Everett police are working frantically to identify an alleged arsonist who apparently set eight fires within a span of about 90 minutes in locations throughout the city on Saturday night.

The series of fires that occurred on Broadway, Foster Street, Villa Avenue, Pleasantview Avenue and in three locations on Lexington Street, were all apparently set, according to the Everett Fire Department.

No one was injured in this rash of arsons but the potential was there and residents throughout the city have expressed shock and fear as well as disgust at the thought of someone running around the city setting fires.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria told the Independent Tuesday morning that Everett police, along with State Police and officials from the Everett Fire Department and the State Fire Marshall’s office were working around the clock to snag the arsonist.

In fact, Everett police have apparently been talking with an Everett youth who they suspect might have had something to do with the arson attempts.

“They can’t get into any details right now while this investigation is underway,” said Mayor DeMaria.

“I know this, the Everett police have told me they believe they will get to the bottom of this – and I share their confidence. They’ve been working hard to crack this case since the first events Saturday night,” added the mayor.

It is believed the arsonist set a fire every 20 minutes, possibly walking from one site to another.

One official who wished to remain unnamed said there was some belief Everett police may be close to an apprehension or that the person they are speaking with is the alleged arsonist as nothing has happened since Saturday night.

“With no fires set since Saturday night, there is some relief that they may be on the right track,” said the official.

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