VOTE on Tuesday

Everett voters are urged to get out and to vote in the special senate election on Tuesday.

The larger the vote, the bigger the voice, the grander is the effect on the system.

The campaign for the right to fill the unexpired seat left vacant by former Senator Anthony Galluccio, who resigned the seat, has attracted a great deal of local attention with a slate of candidates.

However, it is our belief that this campaign has come down to a choice to be made between two qualified candidates – Everett City Councilor Sal DiDomenico and Cambridge Attorney Tim Flaherty.

These two have dominated the campaign from the beginning and both men have made their views known in forums and during campaigning here and across the district.

As Galluccio’s chief of staff, DiDomenico came to know the district.

Having run for the senate seat before, Flaherty, too, became well known throughout the sprawling district.

Now it comes down to everything both men have done to gain in name recognition and to establish themselves as the type of leader this district demands and which it will certainly vote to elect on Tuesday.

By all accounts, DiDomenico came out strong and was perceived as the leader.

Flaherty began his campaign behind.

As election day looms, the candidates appear to have reached a point of parity.

So now, it is up to the voters to decide.

Everett voters can have a big say in the outcome of this election – and it is likely they will.

DiDomenico is certain to carry the city but the main question is what will his plurality be?

Next Tuesday, get out and vote.

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