Anthony Ventura

The former owner of Everett Square Sporting Goods, Anthony Ventura, was one of this city’s best-known downtown businesspeople.

He was a good, good guy – a generous man who understood his business and who cared about his clientele.

Inside his store, he catered to the sporting equipment needs of generations of Everett’s girls and boys.

More than that, he knew how to run a sporting goods store and the place was always brimming with sporting goods and activity of young people coming and going – and when you think about it – who among us didn’t shop at Everett Square Sporting Goods when we were growing up?

Mr. Ventura’s death March 1 is a loss for those of us who knew him and who appreciated him.

He loved his business.

He loved his family.

He was a great friend to the city of Everett.

We offer his family our condolences.

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