Sumner Whittier

Sumner Whittier, who died recently at the age of 98, was a former Lt. Governor, Everett City Councillor and Alderman and state representative.

He also served as the head of the Veterans Administration under President Dwight Eisenhower.

In every respect, Mr. Whittier was an extraordinary Everett man who lived a long and productive life and who never forgot where he came from.

He enjoyed and took pride in his Everett heritage.

We like to think that the fairness and honesty he carried with him a lifetime was something imbued in him growing up in this city.

He lived a charmed life.

He was truly a man for all seasons.

Long into his 90’s he remained relevant and very much aware and alive.

In the words of Shakespeare: “He was a man through and through. We shall not see his likes again.”

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