Big Belly containers a good investment

The mayor and his staff are showing great vision by ordering 40 Big Belly containers to be used in the mayor’s ongoing fight for a cleaner Everett.

Big Belly containers are revolutionizing trash containment in the downtowns of dozens of cities throughout the nation.

These are containers that allow cities to get rid of open trash containers in downtown areas and in residential areas where rodents and vermin get into the trash and where trash blows all over sidewalks and streets because the trash receptacles are open to the elements.

Not so with Big Belly containers.

Not only are they self-contained trash compactors holding two to three times the amount of trash as an average grated barrel but they are also powered by the sun.

They are, in fact, solar powered trash receptacles with compacting engines run by the sun.

In addition, these trash receptacles have an electronic component that allows for Everett’s public works employees to monitor them from an office and to be called to them when they are full when the barrel itself sends that signal to the central monitoring station.

In other words, instead of having employees drive around the city in trucks looking for full barrels overflowing with trash everyday, the Big Belly containers are monitored from a central area and employees are sent to the barrels only when they are full.

The savings are huge.

Fewer trucks and fuel. Fewer use of employee man-hours. Less emptying of barrels, cleaner streets and sidewalks as the Big Belly are self-contained and residents can no longer use trash receptacles as their private barrels.

Again, for a post industrial city like Everett to see the value in these solar driven trash receptacles says an awful lot about the team leading the city in the DeMaria Administration.

It is such a forward look that will go a long way to making Everett not only a cleaner city but also a leader in municipal excellence.

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