Christmas time for those in the armed forces

Here are four names of residents: Richard Costanza, Anthony Cruciotti, Martin Johnson and Francis Kenney.

They all have something in common — on active service in the military.

The present war in both Afghanistan and Iraq is dominating the national news.

Should we be there or not is a question that is being hotly debated.

What can not be debated is that we are there.

We meaning the young people like those four mentioned above whom we have seen grow up, attend the local schools, play in the local sports youth programs and turn into young adults.

For many of us, we will be celebrating the holidays surrounded by families and friends.

However, these four and many more will be stationed away from their families and friends on Christmas Day.

Enter the local parents and friends of those Everett residents who are in the armed services. They have formed a local group to gather the most common items that we use daily and take for granted to ship overseas.

In this economy, it is difficult to ask to give when many of us are forced to ask for assistance for ourselves.

However, if you can, please try helping this local group with donations or with names of local servicemen and women who are stationed abroad who should receive a care package.

Christmas is always a time to reflect on our good fortune and to give thanks.

Let’s share the same joy that we experience of opening up a gift on Christmas Day with the local men and women on active duty away from home.

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