Election ’09 – Mayor tops vote getters citywide with 4669; McGonagle wins at large; Cardello bests Matewsky; Marcus back on; DiDomenico wins; Bruno and Hicks win; Hanlon tops charter commission

It will again be Alderman Joseph McGonagle after he scored a strong vote citywide vote Tuesday.

McGonagle’s return – he defeated Dominic Puleo, 3549-1859 – and victories by all the members of the school committee except for Joseph Guiliano, who was defeated by Joseph LaMonica, were the most noteworthy of the results recorded yesterday.

At-large school committee members Lester MacLaughlin, Stephen Smith and Richard Baniewicz finished in that order, although it was MacLaughlin who topped the at-large school committee seat with 2694 votes. The at-large members turned back bids by John Collins, Michael Phillips and Joseph Santagate. All three were pummeled by the top three finishers.

Also returned to the school committee were Allen Panarese, Francis Parker, Jr., David Ela, Jr, Sandro Colarusso, and Robert Carreiro.

Former Mayor John Hanlon topped the ticket of those running for the Charter Commission. Hanlon received 2329 votes. Second on that list was Joe Hickey with 1915, third was Paul Schlossberg with 1577 and fourth, Robert Sansone with 1526.

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