Boys and Girls Club filling the need

Statistics show that school age children are more likely to get into trouble between the hours of 3 to 6 p.m. The reason is obvious: the lack of supervision.

In today’s family, a two family income is essential.

Everett like many other communities needs as many alternatives to keep children supervised.

The local Boys and Girls Club provides this alternative. Since March, the number of youths that are using the facility on a regular have climbed to more 200.

The need is here and the demand is here.

However, the rub comes in the money to run the operation.

While the city has donated the space at the old high school on Broadway, funds are needed for staffing and supplies. Former resident Joe O’Donnell stepped forward and donated $15,000 to help keep the Clubhouse open.

Thanks go to Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Superintendent Fred Foresteire who helped find a home for this much needed Clubhouse.

And to Joe O’Donnell who donated the funds a big thank you is also in order.

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