The Homecoming

Everett’s Homecoming Weekend was a big success.

The yearly Homecoming run and managed by the School Department and given sanction and meaning by the School Committee is the living proof that Everett’s community spirit comes through the schools.

This year’s Homecoming was directed by George Leydon, the School Department’s Director of Alternative Education and Lisa Grande, Secretary to Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire.

Under their direction and with the aid of School Committee members who helped out and who attended the festivities: Chairman Lester MacLaughlin, Vice-Chair Richard Baniewicz, Allan Panarese, Joseph Guiliano, Frank Parker, David Ela, Jr., Alexander Colarusso and Robert Carreiro, the Homecoming was a citywide event shared and enjoyed by thousands.

There was the game – a great victory by the Crimson Tide attended by thousands; and the breakfast, attended by hundreds and the parade, also attended by thousands and the road race, which attracted hundreds which made the Everett Homecoming weekend the signature city event in Northeastern Massachusetts.

It is the School Department led by Superintendent Foresteire and the School Committee led by Lester MacLaughlin, which proved again that the Homecoming remains relevant, has touched thousands of hearts and minds of the young and old alike, fosters city pride and brings together the generations.

As so it goes every year on Memorial Day, at Homecoming, at Christmas.

Everett’s public schools are not only Everett’s Pride and it is the City’s shining star.

We thank the members of the School Committee who participated in the Homecoming events, and we especially thank Mr. Leydon and Ms. Grande for their contributions.

Superintendent Foresteire is to be complimented for carrying on the Homecoming tradition in this city.

No single event does more to foster pride or to bring together again and again Everett people who shared in the common experience of having grown up in this city than Homecoming.

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