Terrorism still a possibility

Local officials should take a much closer look at the recent arrests the FBI made in foiling a terrorist group from planting bombs on subway cars and buses in New York.

If this kind of thing can be gestating in New York, then it can be gestating right here in Everrett or in the vicinity.

Here in Everett, we have some of the largest concentrations of highly volatile fuels in all of Massachusetts.

Fuel of every kind is in abundance here – jet fuel and LNG primary among them.

We have been told about the relative safety of the LNG tanks, and frankly, we try to believe that nothing could make the tanks explode.

But this is wrong, of course.

Anything under the right circumstances can be made to ignite and to explode.

This being the case, Everett should continue to improve its anti-terrorism modalities, and all the various city departments should get together from time to time to discuss the situation –especially after finds like the New York terrorists have been made.

Everett is a safe community, a decent place to live and work – but with all the industry here and with the flammables all around, extra care must be taken constantly in order to keep the city safe.

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