School population continues rising

Two weeks ago, School Superintendent Fred Foresteire predicted that Everett’s public school population would break the 6,000 mark for the first time since the 1970’s.

Not only was he right – the school population hit 6,000 last Tuesday.

However, during the week, school population continued its upward rise to 6,030 – and with no end in site.

According to school officials, the population might well rise to 6,500 during the next 12 to 24 months, an extraordinary happening indicating that Everett’s population is rising significantly as well as the reputation of the public schools.

School Department statistics reveal that the senior high school has 1775 students, followed by the Lafayette School with 867.

It was reported Monday evening at the School Committee meeting that nine languages are spoken among the student attending class at the Lafayette School

In addition, more than 300 of the students there come from homes where English is a second language.

Despite these impediments, the Lafayette School reported glowing statistical evidence showing that students there are learning and achieving, and that the new facility itself has fostered a good feeling that leads to wanting to be in school for many young people.

The Keverian School is the third largest in the city with 818 students.

That is followed by the English School with 789.

The remainder goes like this: Parlin School – 700, Webster School – 509, Whittier School 453 and 119 out of district students.

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